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Month January 2017

The Final

The way I have always been taught social’s studies was very linear. History was all just a bunch of dates and events I had to force into my mind while geography was all just a bunch of countries and capitals… Continue Reading →

Reine Audu final address

I was just a regular fruit seller before all this happened. I was like any one of you, calculating my odds of living another day. But then, those “royals” decided poor living quality wasn’t enough and raised the bread prices to… Continue Reading →

Kicking off the In-Depth season

IN-DEPTH Let me tell you this. Choosing my topic of study just might be my favourite part of in-depth this year. Why? When I first heard about what the notorious in-depth project was all about, I was beyond ecstatic because… Continue Reading →

The enlistment of The Women’s (and Men’s) March on Versailles

Being a marketplace fruit seller, I can’t help but notice the insane cost to live my life. For goodness sake, bread is becoming as foreign and expensive as fine china! I am NOT the only one that feels this way,… Continue Reading →

Hamilton Theme

“Do not give up on the opportunity you have worked hard for” Hamilton grew up as an orphan in the middle of a poor Caribbean setting. When Hamilton’s talent as a young poet is discovered, his hometown collectively raises the… Continue Reading →

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