Let me tell you this. Choosing my topic of study just might be my favourite part of in-depth this year. Why? When I first heard about what the notorious in-depth project was all about, I was beyond ecstatic because I knew that it would provide me with a chance to learn something I’ve always wanted. This project was a chance for me to chase my childhood dreams.

Unfortunately, building a spaceship, and flying to Mars did not seem to meet the criteria of a S-M-A-R-T goal. So that narrowed my in-depth choices down to two: studying the ways of a Shaolin monk, and learning exactly how to produce music using a DAW. I had trouble believing that my momma would be willing to send me deep into the Chinese province, Henan, and leaving me there for a five-month period to go bald and practice kung fu…I chose music.

As a kid who grew up listening to EDM(electronic dance music) more than the suggested dose, I aimed to one day stand in front of an infinitely large crowd performing my music behind a set of turntables. I wanted badly to become an “internationally known electronic music producer”. I set that goal almost 5 years ago and never got anywhere with it thanks to the complications of life. This project just might be a prayer answered. Like poetry, painting, and many other art forms, Music is an expression. An expression I find particularly more powerful than it’s counterparts. Whether it’s a uplifting beat, or a heart clamping melody, music will never cease to send me away with a new found mood.

So what experience do I have in music? Other than half a years’ worth of piano lessons, a rocky relationship with my grade five music teacher and being dubbed “kid who can hold the longest trombone note” in middle school, I have zero experience in music. In fact, if you mention “Jason” and “music “ in the same sentence, my friends will laugh harder than a rock, and longer than my famed trombone note. I’ve never been a real musical person, but I hope to walk out of in-depth loathing the idea that music was never part of my childhood.Lately, I have begun to mess around with Garage band a little bit to warm up for the project. For those of you that don’t know, Garage band is a basic DAW that is popular among Apple customers. But what exactly is a DAW you ask? Imagine an instrument that can program notes, beats, effects, and everything you would need in a successful song. But if you ask me, it’s basically a magic music machine. Logic X, Fl studio, and Audacity are all prime examples of a DAW.

Learning how to produce music using a DAW will lay a solid foundation to my future billion dollar music career. But At the same time, I will be able to learn basic music theory, composition, and live the life of a producer in the progress. But there would be no way to start music out of nowhere without some basic instruction. So for this year’s in-depth, I have decided to ask my art teacher’s son: Raymond Zhen. Raymond is a highly celebrated piano player/teacher, orchestra composer, and SFU instructor. What better luck than to find a young mentor who just scratched 20 with a loaded resume. I believe a mentor like him will introduce me to the music world, and teach me to create raw material like he has. No amount of words can captivate just how hyped I am to work with a man I am awed by.

I hope you are all as excited about this project as I am, and I look forward to seeing all your final projects.


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