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Month October 2017

blog response

In a generation where entertainment is valued, films often waiver in juxtapose with their text counterparts. However, this is not the case with the film adaptation (2081) of Kurt Vonnegut’s epic short “Harrison Bergeron”. In both interpretations, we are introduced… Continue Reading →

The Real Life Superman

Thanks to my ambitious nature, I’ve always wanted to become more things than one, leaving an extremely vague description of my intentions after high school. I’ve aspired to become an astronaut, doctor, inventor, and scientist, never contributing one hundred percent of… Continue Reading →

blog response 2 racism

Racism Recounting his past encounters with racism in a letter to his grandchildren, Suzuki does an excellent job of bringing Asian-Canadian struggles into the limelight. In one fell swoop, Suzuki effectively shares the story of his struggles with racism, instructing his grandchildren,… Continue Reading →

Single Story (view and respond)

What is a “single story”, and why should reject it? A single story is a limited perspective of a situation. This can be dangerous because assumptions and biases are created through the consumption of these single stories. Chimamanda Adichie brings… Continue Reading →


Would you find it strange if you met someone living on the streets to be having the time of their life? In Stuart McLean’s short story “Emil”, Morley forms an unexpected friendship with a quirky homeless man named Emil. Through this… Continue Reading →

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