Thanks to my ambitious nature, I’ve always wanted to become more things than one, leaving an extremely vague description of my intentions after high school. I’ve aspired to become an astronaut, doctor, inventor, and scientist, never contributing one hundred percent of my interest in one area of study. Will I ever find prosperity?

Despite being a jack of all trades, one man managed to build an exceptional identity around it, finding corporate success in multiple areas. For this year’s eminent endeavor, I would like to unravel the mystery behind how one man mastered the skies and cinema in addition to becoming the most prolific businessman of his generation.

Perhaps the epitome of success for aggressively ambitious individuals, Howard Hughes has without a doubt put a dent in this universe. asides a “dent”, Hughes has put 3.8 billion dollars into the pockets of medical researcher, tinkered with planes to brave the newly conquered skies, and created some of the most expensive movies of all time. Hughes is considered one of the wealthiest men of his era, becoming a millionaire before receiving a high school diploma.

However, for every force of nature, there is an equal and opposite one.

A dark side so deranged it lead Hughes to his ultimate physical and mental decline. He was considered a “monster of freakish nature” by his romantic partners (Kate Hepburn, Ava Garner, Rita Hayworth, etc… Jeez!). Not a hairy beast that plagued local villages, but a bothered man plagued with repetition, symmetry, intrusive thoughts, and perfection. Hughes was not only remembered solely for his net worth, but also for bringing OCD into the limelight. Being no stranger to the mental disorder, this imperfection in Hughes’s character is what piqued my interest the most. I precisely understand every one of Hughes’s repeated phrases, muscle twitches, and desire for unknown.

All in all, I’ve as excited as ever to uncover the enigma that is, “The Amazing Howard Hughes”

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“I’m not a paranoid deranged millionaire. Goddamit, I’m a billionaire.”