Dietrich, Noah, and Bob Thomas. Howard, the Amazing Mr. Hughes. Fawcett Publications, 1976.

This was the book that  originally put Howard Hughes on my map. It was written by Hughe’s right hand man: Noah Dietrich. Unfortunately, this book was heavily opinionated, and portrayed Howard Hughes in a bad light. Sure, it did give a ton of inside information on Howard Hughes, but also painted him in an ill light. It seems as if the author was trying to convince the world of the real genius behind Hughe’s success: himself. All in all, this only piqued my interest further.

The Aviator. Martin Scorcese. Miramax Films. 2004. Film

This is the movie that really got me interested in Howard Hughes. I originally watched this movie in August, but rewatched it to study my EP. This movie really showed the similarities I shared with Howard Hughes, and accurately portrayed Hughes achievements. But it wasn’t all praise. This film also depicted the downfall of Hughe’s, an event foreshadowed since the beginning. It also showed just how much of an impact Hughe’s mental health had on the people around him, as well as his legacy.

“Howard Hughes.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 1 Dec. 2017,

I didn’t study this page to much. I primarily used wikipedia to identify basic information on my EP date of birth, philanthropy, key dates, etc)

“What Happened to Howard Hughes’ Money After He Died.” Today I Found Out, 17 Sept. 2013,

Howard Hughes was one of the richest people one earth, but didn’t leave a will. This was a huge problem. I studied this site to find out if this was ever resolved, and how it was.

“Howard R. Hughes, Sr.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 29 Oct. 2017,,_Sr.

Howard Hughes became a millionaire at the age of 18. How? My EP wasn’t completely self made, since his father also found success in business. Howard Hughes Sr. made fortune patenting a drill bit that revolutionized the industry. I used this site to study the momentum my EP gained during his youth that he used to propel himself into a success.


This is the site of a research institute that Howard Hughes established during his lifetime. It remains to this day one of the most prosperous non profit organizations in the united states. I used this site to study the impact of Howard Hughe’s philanthropic efforts.

“Trans World Airlines.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 30 Nov. 2017,

TWA is the commercial airline that Hughe’s was in charge of at the time. I studied the company in order to learn the significance of my EP in aviation.

“Biography.” IMDb,,

My EP was also highly influential and respected in the film industry. I used his IMDB page to find his filmography, and study his success in cinematography. Hughes was still young at the time he pursued film, so this gave me insight on his ventures as a young man.

“Howard Hughes and OCD: His Obsessions and Rituals.” Health Guide Info, 31 July 2011,

As I’ve mentioned before, Howard Hughes had a severe case of OCD. I used this site to get into my character a little more, and take a deeper look into the downfall of Howard Hughes. Did you know that he lived in a film studio for 4 months because of his germophobia?

“Howard Hughes’ Doctor Gives a Chilling Description of His Strange Patient’s Final Hours.”,

It was widely believed that Howard Hughes was a drug addict after his plane crash. However, this has been disproven any times. Using this resource, I confirmed the actual behaviour and dependencies of my EP after being traumatized and hopitalized

“The Hughes-Hepburn Affair.” CNN, Cable News Network,

Hughes dated a countless number of women in his lifetime; none that lasted. With the exception of Katherine Hepburn. She was the closest Hughes ever got to having a soulmate, and was a significant figure in Hughe’s life. I used this site to get a better feel for the type of character my EP was.