For this year’s zip project, I have decided to answer a question that has been in the back of my mind for some time now: “What makes an effective social media campaign?”. I am enthusiastic to pursue this topic because i’ve wanted to try my hand in entrepreneurship.The timing of this project is also perfect, since one of my extracurricular projects is expanding, and requires extra funding.


Since establishing a non-profit endeavour last year, I’ve made myself extremely familiar with door-to-door marketing (selling doughnuts, candy canes, lemon squares, etc). I am experienced in using social media, and have used it for communication purposes. Being a youth myself, I’d like to say that i understand what people my age are drawn to. But asides crowdfunding, I am yet to launch any sort of campaign using social media, or even the internet for that matter.


Through this project, I’d like learn how to reach out to a specifically targeted audience through a variety of communication platforms. In order to analyze what what forms of advertising is most effective, I’ll be testing a variety of campaign styles (video, text, display, etc). A more specific area I’d like to explore is the effectiveness of different textual campaigns. For example, “which ad will receive more positive attention: one with a funny and colloquial title, or one with a more formal one?”


One individual that will be of tremendous help is a family friend of mine: Mr.Cheng. He runs an extremely successful chinese news site, and has been using media to reach new audiences for years. His biggest weapon is “WeChat” which is the chinese equivalent of Facebook. Through interviewing him, I’m confident that i’ll learn how he makes his campaigns so eye-catching.


To demonstrate my learning, I plan on devising a crash course in the art of marketing through social media platforms. I’d also like to take advantage of this opportunity  to share the success, or utter failure of my marketing project, and discuss what elements made it such.




Week 1: General research

-Getting into the topic

-researching basic knowledge

-Drafting a mind map

-Create a campaign with Teespring

-Research other success stories

-start advertising on Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms

Week 2: Interview Mr.Cheng

-Ask for, and conduct an interview with Mr.Chen

-Conduct a survey amongst my friends to get a general idea of what niches I should be targeting


Week 3: adjust and optimize campaigns

-Adjust campaign according to the recent performance of my marketing strategies

-Start in person marketing amongst peers and family members

-Spread awareness of my cause in person


Week 4: Getting more people involved

-Try getting peers/friends/family members involved help endorse my project and

– Keep adjusting and evaluating my online campaigns


Week 5-6: Developing my lesson

-Start to create my final presentation

-Keep marketing on social media platforms


Week 7: Fine tweaks

-Finish final presentation

-Reflect upon this experience