Night of the notables…wow, I can say that it lived up to all the hype, and I am proud to have been part of it. But now that eminent is over, the last few days have only felt like an aftermath. I won’t say that I am glad eminent is over, but I have had a total of ten hours of sleep the past few days, and i was more than excited to leave NOTN and lay still on my bed.

Flashback to the past week, I just killed my eminent speech (actually, I wouldn’t say kill, as my love for Nikola Tesla led me to presenting beyond the speech that I wrote, resulting in going 4 minutes over the time limit. Alas, love has no boundaries. #thomasedisonsucks #teamTesla). It wasn’t just me that performed a bomb speech, however, I believe each and everyone in the room exceeded expectations. I am not used to being in a class where everyone is this exceptional. But before I keep praising and internally advertising talons, I must explain a few things that I heavily regret. I cannot recall who told me this, but I was informed that the night of the notables was still ten days away (from the Wednesday i performed my speech). This lead me to believing that I had an extra week to create my learning center. Right before the weekend, I planned to work on my learning center, I came down with a nasty fever. I became sick the entire weekend, leaving me unable work, but my dreams of creating the greatest most eminent learning center was not broken yet. “Don’t worry Jason, you still have a week to make the learning center of your dreams!” I convinced myself. Little did i know, Night of the Notables was less than 3 days away. Fortunately, I can credit my mother for saving me from this seemingly inevitable doom. “I am so excited for Wednesday Jason!” she said. “What do you mean? What’s so special about a Wednesday?” I replied. I will never forget the gut dropping feeling that ravaged throughout my entire body when I heard the words “Night of the Notables is on Wednesday buddy”. My body may have been paralyzed, but mouth still had enough energy to quickly respond “I’m just joking mom! Of course, I’m excited for Wednesday“. I backed away slowly, and when I was out of her sight, I Usain Bolted my way to the garage, frantically looking for Christmas lights. I spent my pro-d day in the basement, planning out my learning center, and phone calling my dad’s office every five minutes in search of burnable CD’s. My friends spent their pro-d day “hanging out” or “watching a movie”, but I have ascended beyond their typical teenage past times, ergo, I spent my professional day gulping down Advil 24 hour, and burning my nasally congested audio “facts about Tesla” into old CDs. I can’t say that it wasn’t a fun day, however. The nervous rush increased my productivity by a figurative one million percent. Tuesday was a duplicated of Monday, but instead, I had to work around school. Its 1159, one minute before the big day, when I stand up from my burgundy office chair and raise my fist in victory. I whispered (because the rest of my family was sleeping) in triumph over eminent. I have done it, I made an awesome learning center in two days. It was not the almighty learning center I aspired to make, but it was good enough. My learning center may not have included a homemade tesla Coil or a homemade neon lamp, but dang, I have never been more proud of a project in my life. I will definitely double check my dates next year, and allow myself more time to complete my learning center. I guess learning from your mistakes is just the Talons experience.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of it, so I’ll describe it to you. My center was composed of a desk wrapped around in blue Christmas lights (lights so that I could segway conversations into Tesla’s contribution to lighting and also draw attention). On top of the desk, I placed a few vintage looking Items such as: an old notebook featuring most of Tesla’s works, a calligraphy set, a book about tesla, and a radio. the main part of me learning center was the radio (one of Tesla’s works by the way) where I would play audio about Tesla. I played a game with my visitors called “which was the lie?”. First, I would give some basic information of Tesla (birthdate, death date, childhood). Then I would play 5 recordings on 5 of Tesla’s works, and I would then ask them which statements were lies. I made this game hard by implementing out of the world facts about Tesla. For example, Tesla built an earthquake machine and tried to control weather which resulted in a few blown minds. If they guessed right, they would be met with a lollipop. All of the information I displayed was heard via CD. I ended off by giving an argument on why Tesla should be remembered in 1000 years. I thought this game was a success because It brought up a lot of conversations. One of my visitors even told me that they were related to Nikola Tesla! I guess I wasn’t the one teaching when I was talking to her! I had so many intelligent conversations with so many intelligent people. Ultimately, I did my job and spread the eminence of Tesla, but I could also say that I learned a ton myself. There was one man in particular who I thought brought up a fantastic discussion. It was like a symbiotic relationship, I would teach him something that he never knew, and he would teach me something I never knew right back. This project was an opportunity to shove Tesla’s greatness down other people’s throats (spreading awareness?). My goal was to learn Tesla’s story and shed some light on how to innovate the world. I have not changed the world (yet) but this project changed the way I viewed history. Tesla’s genius was not very known, even though he comepletely created the world we currently live in. Tesla may have been underrated, but his name has not been forgotten. My primary objective right now is to find out about the ones who have changed our world, but was forgotten throughout time. This eminent project brought my dad and I closer given that we are both huge fans of Tesla.


I haven’t ever in my life done a project that has taught me so much while presenting it! It was a night unlike any other. But it would have been an utter disaster without the help of my dad. No one was responding to my interview requests until I realized that there was a senior engineer in my very household. Not only did my dad give me a ton of insight on his field, but he also helped me build my learning center tremendously. He went out of his way to teach me how to burn CDs. I was very lucky to have someone like him helping me out.


I look forward to next year.