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SS Canadian Time Line Doc

The Italian Campaign  When: July 10th 1943 – the end of the second world war Where: Italy, Eastern Front Why: In 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union and vicious fighting broke out on the Eastern Front. By 1943 the Soviet… Continue Reading →

“Is Justin Trudeau Currently Positioned to be Laurier’s Successor?”

CON When faced with controversial issues, Laurier tended to find a compromise between each of the parties. For example, the Boer war. Those who wanted to fight for Britain had the option to. In Trudeau’s case, our current PM seems… Continue Reading →

Confederation DOL

As I lay, one weight sits cross-legged on my chest: The opportunity cost of confederation. Namely, the loss of not annexing into the States. Though I cannot deny my role in the Canadian Confederation, have I chosen the wrong purpose to… Continue Reading →

In Depth Blog Post #6

IN-DEPTH These final few weeks, i’ve focussed on adding content into my site via blog posts. For years, I’ve been unable to discern the difference between a blog post and a page – still can’t! The answer differs between each theme… Continue Reading →

Isaac Brock: Larger than Life

“Isaac Brock is revered as a fallen hero and the saviour of Upper Canada in the War of 1812. But he did much more.” (Page 2) Though this quote came straight-out of the introduction, it resonated with me quite a… Continue Reading →

The 127 year old defendent: Sir John A Macdonald and his existence in Canadian Society

Macdonald was undoubtedly one of the most influential figures to ever set foot on Canadian soil, but his legacy is just as debated as it is revered. As the modern age continues to usher in new perspectives, some of Macdonald’s… Continue Reading →

SS Independent Study

For this independent assignment, I’ve decided to investigate the Canadian Pacific Railway, and its effect on the Canadian identity. I’ve formulated my inquiry question as such: “In what ways have the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway connected Canadians and promoted multicultural… Continue Reading →

in-depth post #5

IN-DEPTH With an extra two weeks to report on my project, this period has been exceptionally kind to me and my web quest. I’ve managed to: Get my site live Publish my first few blog posts Insert my first few… Continue Reading →

Is Canada a Post-National State? Doc #3

Justin Trudeau’s bold remarks of Canada’s being a “Post-National State” have received just as much support as criticism, spreading controversy within our hockey loving country. Although many Canadian values (such as multiculturalism, hospitality, etc.) give support to Trudeau’s statement, can they be justified… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Blog Week 7

It is officially week seven, and I’ve become quite confident in my project. Although I’ve slacked a bit compared to last week, I’m still ahead of the schedule I’ve created for myself. I’ve begun the overall design of the website,… Continue Reading →

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