As I lay, one weight sits cross-legged on my chest: The opportunity cost of confederation. Namely, the loss of not annexing into the States. Though I cannot deny my role in the Canadian Confederation, have I chosen the wrong purpose to serve? I base my actions in response to the opportunities that happen to knock on my door. My intuition is telling that we’ve played the wring cards.

Here’s some of the other stuff it’s saying.

It would be a crime to the Canadian people if we choose not to annex into the United States of America. With the civil war nearing an end, America is on the brink of an economic boom. Being heavily influenced by the Whigs, the current (American) Republican government promises to further promote the industrial revolution with productive farms, national banks, and high-speed rail links. As the Southern confederation nears its end, so do their slavery, treason, and anti-industry policies. With the States producing petroleum at an all time-high, finding coal in abundant quantities, and moving past the need for mass manual labour, annexation would allow Canadians to maintain a higher living standard.

As long as Canadians are ruled by Britain, they will stay inferior to the aristocracy and entrepreneurial efforts of the British. Corn laws were repealed in the 1840’s with no regard for the Canadian economy, forcing many Canadian businesses out of the wheat market. The whims of the British cut a deep wound in the Canadian economy, which only began to heal after we turned to the States for trade. Confederation will undoubtedly expand Canadian territory, but it will do little to nullify our dangerous dependency on Canadian-American trade, and perpetuate our dire lack of immigrants. To me, it looks like the most logical answer is to join the United States of America.

I would be perfectly contempt with the Canadian economy we weren’t plagued by the treacherous political deadlock. Tolerating the indecisiveness amongst our law-makers will certainly doom us for self-destruction, a ‘failure’ much greater than being annexed into the States. The last confederation was formed through an internal dispute, and waged war against the American union. Though a coalition has been formed between the leading parties, who is to say that our ethnicities, ideological differences, and loyalties, will age well?

While it is fair to protect Canadian nationalism, it is currently coming at an expense to the Canadian people. Being a business-oriented individual, wealth is a fairly high priority for me. If I’m certain of one thing, it’s the prosperity that annexation will bring to Canadians and Americans alike.


– Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt