• When faced with controversial issues, Laurier tended to find a compromise between each of the parties. For example, the Boer war. Those who wanted to fight for Britain had the option to. In Trudeau’s case, our current PM seems to take hard stances on polarizing issues. While there was much conflict, Trudeau’s government approved of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline on November 29, 2016. In 2015, Justin Trudeau’s gender balanced cabinet was formed to accomodate the gender equality views of ‘progressives’. Some members were arbitrarily chosen. There was no compromise in this decision
  • Served a 15 year term
    • Trudeau is only on the third year of his term
  • Laurier facilitated an economic boom
  • Both believed in fighting through persuasion (sunny ways) but Trudeau seems to take sides, often taking away the voice of those opposed to his actions
  • Laurier’s decisions benifitted everybody a little bit, but no one alot. And with Trudeau, vice versa



  • Both Liberals
  • Laurier Needed immigrants while Trudeau accommodates immigrants
  • Wants connections with the States
  • Vocal supporters of indigenous rights
  • Are both Anglophones, and Francophones
  • Succeed a dominant conservative government
  • Peacekeeping?
  • Mcgill!
  • Progressive views
  • Comparison between pipeline + railways?


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