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Historical Thinking #2

Inquiry Question: What is the story of the framed sketch that sits on my desk? Source: This is primary source that was created at the height of my artistic endeavors. I drew this sketch in 2012, a point in my life where I… Continue Reading →

Historical Thinking

Following our class discussion, there has been one question that perplexes me more than others: What is History? Although this is not a question on the “Guideposts to historical Thinking” handout, I believe it is an essential prerequisite to ponder,… Continue Reading →

In-depth Post #3

IN-DEPTH Alright! This week’s progress motivated me more than it did frustrate – which is a statement I rarely get to associate with my TALONS projects! Here are my main takeaway’s from the past two weeks: WordPress is best CMS in… Continue Reading →

In-depth post #2

IN-DEPTH Unlike last year, I’m off to a flying start. I decided to kickoff this project by creating a website mockup in WIX: a wonderful resource to draft up websites sites. Although this was purely to excersize my creative juices, the… Continue Reading →

Romeo and Juliet 16 Personalities

For this paragraph, I’ve chosen to conduct a case stufy on the beloved and loving romantic: Romeo. After analyzing Romeo’s characterization, I’ve concluded that he falls into the ENFP category. Like the rest of the diplomats, Romeo possesses a dangerous… Continue Reading →

Romeo & Juliet Response

Based on our readings so far, do you agree or disagree that Romeo and Juliet’s relationship is one of “‘infatuated children’ engaging in ‘puppy love’”? Why or why not? Provide two pieces of textual evidence. Based on our readings thus… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Intro Post

IN-DEPTH Last year’s in-depth project gave me the gift of time. Time to chase a childhood pipe dream that I’ve always had in the back of my head. It gave me genuinely and heart wrenching frustrations, pieces of wisdom unfound… Continue Reading →


This holiday has been a huge learning process in terms of my ZIP project. There’s been ups and downs like any learning process, but that’s just the beauty of the journey. Right before the start of the break, I had… Continue Reading →


This week has been nothing but progress. I used Monday for an intensive research session both online and amongst my peers. My focus with this session was to find out exactly who I should be targeting, and how I should… Continue Reading →

360-Degree Leadership

After a week of cultivating my leadership skills, the one concept that sticks with me the most is managing myself before managing a team. Being a project manager for a local charity endeavor, I have a fair share of leadership opportunities… Continue Reading →

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