For this paragraph, I’ve chosen to conduct a case stufy on the beloved and loving romantic: Romeo.

After analyzing Romeo’s characterization, I’ve concluded that he falls into the ENFP category. Like the rest of the diplomats, Romeo possesses a dangerous amount of passion, optimism, and sensitivity. This set of traits that often leads Romeo into emotional states that cause him to distance himself from others. After Rosaline reveals her chastity, Romeo’s passion for her quickly turns into a source of sorrow, causing him to retreat from the company of Benvolio, and shutting “himself (in) an artificial night” (act 1, scene 1). This comes to show how much power his emotions rule over him,  rendering his moods fragile, yet genuine. However, Romeo is quick to forget his relationship with Rosaline the after he meets Juliet. It is often described that ENFP’s are slaves of love, willing to go great lengths for it. Upon Romeo’s exile, he spends a night with Juliet under the threat of being caught and punished to death. Convinced that this barrier between them is but a temporary inconvinience, Romeo tells Juliet that “all these woes shall serve as sweet discourses in our time to come” (act 3, scene 5). Not only does Romeo’s passion influence him into underestimating the power of the law, but also to continue his union with Juliet from great distances; a common relationship found between ENFP’s. Romeo’s personality is very distinctive, and is a quintissential example of the ENFP profile-an archetype that will continue to thrive in popular media.